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Image Licensing

Photo and Video Licensing 


                current as of 07/09/2020




For websites:


Please, copy this code on your website to accredit the author:

<a href=””>Designed by / Freepik</a>


For printing:


Paste this text on the final work so the authorship is known.

– For example, in the acknowledgements chapter of a book:

“Designed by / Freepik”



You are free to use this image:


– For both personal and commercial projects and to modify it.

– In a website or presentation template or application or as part of your design.


You are not allowed to:


– Sub-license, resell or rent it.

– Include it in any online or offline archive or database.


The full terms of the license are described in section 7 of the Freepik

terms of use, available online in the following link:


The terms described in the above link have precedence over the terms described

in the present document. In case of disagreement, the Freepik Terms of Use

will prevail.


License for Content – Pixabay License

Content on Pixabay is made available to you on the following terms (“Pixabay License”). Under the Pixabay License you are granted an irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive and royalty free right to use, download, copy, modify or adapt the Content for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Attribution of the photographer, videographer, musician or Pixabay is not required but is always appreciated.

The Pixabay License does not allow:

  1. Sale or distribution of Content as digital Content or as digital wallpapers (such as on stock media websites);
  2. Sale or distribution of Content e.g. as a posters, digital prints, music files or physical products, without adding any additional elements or otherwise adding value
  3. Depiction of identifiable persons in an offensive, pornographic, obscene, immoral, defamatory or libelous way; or
  4. Any suggestion that there is an endorsement of products and services by depicted persons, brands, vocalists and organisations, unless permission was granted.

Please be aware that while all Content on Pixabay is free to use for commercial and non-commercial purposes, items in the Content, such as identifiable people, logos, brands, audio samples etc. may be subject to additional copyrights, property rights, privacy rights, trademarks etc. and may require the consent of a third party or the license of these rights – particularly for commercial applications. Pixabay does not represent or warrant that such consents or licenses have been obtained, and expressly disclaims any liability in this respect.



Unsplash photos are made to be used freely. Our license reflects that.

  1. All photos can be downloadedand used for free
  2. Commercialand non-commercial purposes
  3. No permission needed(though attribution is appreciated!)

What is not permitted 👎

  1. Photos cannot be soldor redistributed without significant modification.
  2. Compiling photos from Unsplash to replicate a similar or competing service.

Tip: How to give attribution ✏️

Even though attribution isn’t required, Unsplash photographers appreciate it as it provides exposure to their work and encourages them to continue sharing.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash


Unsplash grants you an irrevocable, nonexclusive, worldwide copyright license to download, copy, modify, distribute, perform, and use photos from Unsplash for free, including for commercial purposes, without permission from or attributing the photographer or Unsplash. This license does not include the right to compile photos from Unsplash to replicate a similar or competing service.

Questions? Read our FAQ.

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sun rays video

Video by <a href=”;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_campaign=image&amp;utm_content=19607″>Christian Bodhi</a> from <a href=”;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_campaign=image&amp;utm_content=19607″>Pixabay</a>


Girl holding stem;




Man holding light over pond;




Services Page


white distressed background

<a href=’’>Background vector created by –</a>


teal distressed background

<a href=’’>Background photo created by freepik –</a>


Weathered Doorfront;




Portal Page

Man holding light over pond;





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Grunge orange background 1

<a href=’’>Background vector created by –</a>


Lamp over laptop;




Grace Page


LBD Creative, Scottsdale business license/EIN# 27-3114110