Sexuality Issues

People think about, talk about and experience sex and sexuality as a part of typical life. Yet when it comes to sexuality issues, sexual disorders and sexual difficulties in a relationship, many people overlook or ignore these experiences until they are creating great distress. Seeking treatment for sexuality issues (either individually or as a couple) can be a difficult decision, but typically when a sexuality negatively impacts one’s psychological being, happiness or the well-being of another, it’s time to seek professional help.  A professional counselor can help guide one through the underlying emotional and psychological factors causing the issue.  A professional counselor can help the individual or couple better understand the sexual issue and change behavioral and/or relational patterns to improve well-being and sexual identity.

Understanding the Problem

Because sexual issues vary greatly, it is important to understand the contributing factors and impact of the sexual issue on the person and his/her relationships. For example, a person with gender identity issues may experience great discomfort regarding anatomic gender which in turn has a substantial impact on how he/she relates to others regarding sex and intimacy. A person with a sexual dysfunction may struggle to become aroused or achieve climax during sexual relations, causing an avoidant or unsatisfying experience and potential lack of intimacy with one’s partner. Similarly, sexual addictions not only impact the individual’s sexual identity and behaviors, but usually cause unhealthy rippling effects into work, finances and personal relationships.

Treatment Plan

Depending on the sexual concern, treatment plans will vary.  In the treatment of sexual addiction, the focus of therapy centers around indentifying the underlying need or struggle that is fueling the addiction and then developing strategies to control the addictive behavior and better address the need in a healthy/non destructive manner.  The goal is to help the person develop healthy sexual habits that do not cause harm in his/her relationships.  For those with gender identity issues, therapy is focused on helping the individual identify and live life with strength and stability in his/her gender identity. For those experiencing arousal or climax issues, therapy often helps people better understand their own and their partner’s desires, preferences, inhibitions and experiences during sex, while developing a more complete picture of intimacy and sexuality apart from intercourse.

Grace Weyrauch, at McDowell Mountain Counseling, has been helping people with sexuality issues across a broad range of areas for many years.  Grace has an excellent reputation for providing empathetic, informative and confidential counseling services as her clients explore their sexuality and intimacy.