Parenting is a complex, ever-evolving, highly satisfying and forever challenging experience. And this is true in the easiest of times. Experiencing high-level daily parenting challenges without a effective strategy can put a tremendous strain on each parent, the marriage relationship and the entire family. Parents that are able to collaborate and overcome parenting challenges gain strength and connections in their relationship with each other and the entire family. Yet, there are many obstacles that can make this collaboration difficult. Career demands, the needs of the other children, differences in parenting styles, blaming one another, scheduling or general time constraints. Single-parenting or co-parenting are some common areas of concern. Through the professional support of a psychotherapist, many of these obstacles can be identified and addressed to allow for the opportunity and participation in a more effective parenting plan. In doing so, the individual needs of the child are met from a more cohesive and confident parental presence.

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