As a Psychotherapist in private practice for several years, I have developed and refined my therapy approach tremendously during this time. I have a primary emphasis on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in much of my clinical work, but integrate many other treatment approaches as well. As I have grown as a practitioner, I have also grown in my therapeutic philosophy and skills. What has remained constant is the importance I place on developing a supportive, comfortable and trustworthy relationship with every client. I develop this therapeutic relationship from a position of sensitivity, objectivity, and a deep desire to understand the needs and experiences of each person. I collaborate with my clients to identify areas of struggle, create solutions to current barriers, and integrate changes that will provide the most meaningful and effective results.

I believe that steps for change start at the very first session. They continue developing throughout counseling and beyond, as changes are incorporated into one’s thoughts, emotions and daily life. I will encourage you as my client to determine the starting point and the path for therapy that is best for you. My professional role is to provide insight, guidance and support in a way that fosters growth and discovers solutions.

I will facilitate ongoing evaluation and open communication regarding treatment progress. I know that the needs of each person/family are unique. I will apply this awareness to my approach via flexible and efficient services.

I believe experiencing success through counseling is based upon working together towards established, common goals. I also believe support comes from a variety of sources. Therefore, I strive to help my clients build and strengthen lasting, healthy connections in their lives, wherever they can be found.

I wholeheartedly respect the views, personal beliefs and individuality of all my clients. I encourage the sharing and incorporation of spiritual faith and cultural values, because all aspects of a person are important to the therapy process. I strongly value self-determination, individuality and appreciation for a person’s talents.

As your therapist, I will offer insight and guidance in your healing from past traumas. I will help you identify and shift negative patters in your life and/or your relationships. I will support your efforts to create hope and security for your future. All of which will be connected to your stronger identity and more complete understanding of yourself.

I know that by seeking counseling you are seeking enhancement and change in your life. I respect your decision to take this action. I welcome the opportunity to help you in this exploration and I am excited for the meaningful impact it may have on your life.