Stress Management Counseling

Stress is a very real and normal part of life for most everyone. However, excess levels of stress or stress sustained over a long period of time can lead to significant health issues, problems in relationships, mood changes and destructive behaviors.

There are a variety of positive ways address both temporary and long-term stress. Exercise, meditation, social activities, hobbies, relaxation and many other behaviors can help us recover from the stress we experience. However some stress is more acute or pervasive in nature and requires additional attention. Counseling can help a person achieve better stress management in his or her life. This counseling includes a comprehensive evaluation of the person’s stress experience, the contributing causes to the stress, compounding variables and how a person’s thoughts, feelings and emotions influence the stress he/she is experiencing. Relaxation techniques, Mindfulness, Cognitive-Behavioral tools and specific strategies to respond to stress are all common components of stress management counseling.

There are two types of stressors routinely addressed in counseling: internal and external.stressed guy squeezes a rubber ball

Internal Stressors

Internal stressors are attributed to our perceptions, beliefs, interpretations, attitudes or a combination of these with external events. Some internal traits that may contribute or influence how we manage our stress are personality, perceptions, locus of control, perfectionism, a need to please, and low self-esteem. Understanding these traits and how they impact our responses to stress can help us make internal adjustments and thereby shift how we experience stress.

External Stressors

External stressors are around us and in most cases are beyond our control. These stressors include things such as our work environment, traffic, job insecurity, life altering events, family, social situations, and more. Attempting to deal with external stressors can be difficult and frustrating, particularly because a person often feels powerless to make a change. However, there many effective strategies to help lessen the impact of external stressors and give a person greater resources to deal with what he/she is feeling.

Grace Weyrauch at McDowell Mountain Counseling in the Scottsdale, AZ provides comprehensive stress management counseling that is specific to each client. Grace has been serving the Scottsdale and surrounding community since 2001 and has a long history of assisting clients to better combat and manage stress.