One in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually or physically abused before the age of 18. For many of these children, the psychological trauma from the abuse is never truly addressed, but rather is carried with the child for many years to come and well into awoman crouching in cornerdulthood. In many instances the crime goes unreported due to the embarrassment, fear or humiliation brought on by worry of how others will respond and/or threat from the perpetrator. If you or your child has been a victim of sexual or physical abuse, finding support through counseling can be a very important part of recovery and healing. Grace Weyrauch, through her practice McDowell Mountain Counseling in Scottsdale, AZ, has been helping victims of sexual, physical and emotional since 2003.

Victims of sexual and physical abuse often experience fear, disgust, shame, confusion, anger, depression and many other feelings, attributed to the abuse. In many cases they attempt to deal with it alone, due to the shame or fear of reporting the abuse to authorities, family members or friends. Yet, so often when the victim is left shouldering the physical, emotional and psychological pain of the trauma, he/she experiences intense insecurity and pain that ultimately results in repressing the abuse. In doing so he/she is left alone, unsupported and hurting which can have very significant effects on future relationships, stability and feelings about one’s self.

If you are a parent of a child who has been abused, it is imperative that you get professional help to assist both you and your child in talking about and addressing the abuse in your life. Identity struggles, behavioral problems, addiction problems, trust issues, lack of self-confidence, sexuality difficulties, relationships with others and many other aspects of daily life are directly and impacted by abuse.

If you are an adult who has experienced abuse in your recent life or during childhood, counseling can help you move beyond re-living or trying to avoid/cover the impact of the abuse. By working to better integrate the painful aspects of your life and find peace within yourself, greater healing and a more complete sense of yourself can be gained.

If you would like more information regarding counseling for victims of physical or sexual abuse, please contact Grace Weyrauch at McDowell Mountain Counseling.