Our family should be a sanctuary and an anchor in life for all its members. While this may or may not be the case in our own families of origin, it is certainly what we strive for in our current family environments. Yet complexities are the norm in families and the difficulties we experience in our family relationships have a rippling effect throughout our lives. A tumultuous or detached relationship between a child and parent, whether the child is still at home or grown, has a significant impact on everyone’s well-being. Sibling relationships characterized by significant rivalry, cruelty, ambivalence or disdain can have an equally problematic and potentially life-long impact. Blending families, maintaining a healthy extended family network and incorporating relationships with in-laws all bring their own unique set of challenges to the family unit. Family counseling can help a family understand and respond to the needs of each member, learn how to reduce strife, and work together to regain peace in the family unit.

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