Grief and Loss Counseling

Whether sudden or anticipated, grief associated with loss is an experience we all encounter at some point in our lives. The pain of grief can range from mild to severe and may be acute or chronic in nature. The process of incorporating and healing from a loss varies between situations and people. Loss comes in many forms, such as disease, disability, divorce, or death, but any type of loss girls hand against rainy windowcan cause substantial shifts in a person’s mood, thoughts and every-day living. Finding support through counseling can have a meaningful impact on your healing process. Grace Weyrauch at McDowell Mountain Counseling is trained and experienced in helping people better understand, encounter and heal from the grief they are experiencing.

Many of us have heard of the “stages of grief”. They are:

  • Denial “this can’t be happening to me!”
  • Anger “mad at everything and everyone, why did this happen to me?
  • Bargaining “I will change, I promise”
  • Depression “just can’t go on anymore”
  • Acceptance “better understand and incorporate the loss”

While there is considerable debate regarding whether grief occurs in ‘stages’ or if it is a more fluid and undefined process, the majority of people experiencing a loss experience some version of these grief attributes. Those who seek professional counseling following a loss often move through these components of grief more efficiently and effectively. Counseling can also help a person gain greater clarity in processing their emotions, get ‘un-stuck’, and become better equipped to continue in day-to-day activities.  Other valuable support can be found via support groups, religious/spiritual guidance and formal organizations that offer grief-related workshops.

If you would like more information regarding counseling for victims of physical or sexual abuse, please contact Grace Weyrauch at McDowell Mountain Counseling.