Many of people dream of having a beautiful home with a loving family as a life goal. However, there are many different challenges that can affect this within our daily lives. One of the most prominent family challenges we face involves parenting our children and assisting them into young adulthood.child pouting family in background

Talking back and lack of respect for parents is another issue that greatly challenges parents. Many parents face rebellious youths that challenge their parent’sauthority. Regardless of the age of the child, a level of calm and respect goes a long way. During a tantrum some parents respond by treating the child they way they would a business client if they were to do the same action; with disregard and simply ignoring until the child gives up.

However, most tantrums are the result of seeking attention. Other parents respond with high emotional reaction and take the child’s tantrum as a personal attack. When dealing with an unruly child or teenager, it is a good idea to address the behavior concisely and early on, by clearly stating the rules and expectations as well as the outcomes/consequences if the expectations are unmet. The best time to provide this communicate is not during an argument; it will be blocked by their argument and will likely go, literally in one ear and out the other. So it is a good idea to sit down with the youth and talk to them about cause and effect of certain actions, such as drinking, drugs, sex, and other important issues that arise in young adulthood. Keep an open mind; an honest relationship is one of the first parts of respect.