School can present many parenting challenges.  And not just in conflicts between child and teacher or child and studies.  Today’s technology can take many conflicts from the classroom or schoolyard into the home, through stealth and secretive routes.

One example of a modern parenting challenge is cyber bullying. Where a person bullies a child via Face Book or other internet means. Due to social status issues and the lack of privacy inherent to social networks, many adolescents and teens are very hesitant to speak out regarding cyber bullying. As a result, it often occurs without parental knowledge for a long time. Communication with your adolescent is the first step. Ask about your child’s on-line friends and troubled young man sitting in school hallwaydiscuss any changes in mood or behaviors that you are observing. If you suspect you child may be the victim of cyber bullying, help your child understand how this is inappropriate and, if need be, assist him/her in terminating the on-line relationship. It is also important to consider the impact on your child’s view of him/herself and discuss why people bully (the bully is likely acting out because it is popular to do so and thus is distracting from the bully’s own issues). Be sure to watch for residual effects from bullying, such as increased anxious feelings, decreased confidence, depressed mood, withdrawal from activities, preoccupation with what others are thinking or saying, etc. Seek professional support if any difficulties of this nature are observed.


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Couples/Marital Counseling

As most of us know, the current divorce rate in the US is at 50 percent and even higher amongst couples who are in their second or third marriage. Young people are more likely than ever to forgo marriage and, while many enter into committed relationships, the longevity of these relationships is even less. It is therefore no surprise that addressing relationship struggles is a source of stress, fear and avoidance for many people. However, couples who seek counseling to help themselves better identify, navigate and address obstacles they face are able to substantially increase the likelihood of staying together in a more satisfying way.

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Parenting Challenges Counseling

Parenting is a complex, ever-evolving, highly satisfying and forever challenging experience. And this is true in the easiest of times. But when presented with additional challenges from our children such as school issues, behavioral problems, developmental delays, mood struggles, anxiety, social difficulties or family relationship issues ( just to name a few) the job of parenting can feel overwhelming and confusing. Grace Weyrauch, owner of McDowell Mountain Counseling in Scottsdale, AZ is a licensed Psychotherapist who provides guidance, support and problem-solving techniques to address parenting challenges.

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